Commitment Terms

I can confirm that I have a strong desire to learn the Arabic language and am prepared to attend classes and assert my utmost effort and willpower to complete tasks that are set in and outside of class. I understand that the journey may not be easy and requires patience and commitment. I also understand that despite a fall in motivation I am required to persevere and be patient in order to attain my goal. In addition, I understand that ((Badr Academy)) requires a two-year commitment from me at the very least to complete and benefit from the course. I understand that not attending the lessons and not doing my homework will drastically offset and negatively impact my progress across the term/s, which could, in turn, result in a decrease of motivation and lack of incentive to complete the course. This could potentially lead to after all other means are exhorted, my dismissal from the course. I understand that I have to inform the Academy in writing if I decide to leave the course at any time during the academic year specifying the reason/s. I understand that I am committing to a 1 full academic fee at a time. Accepting this course means I will be required to fulfil the payment agreed on the payment agreement document. If I were to leave the course one month past the course start date, I will have to put in a request for a refund in writing. The discretion to refund will remain with the Academy if they find my reason/s valid and compelling. I understand that 40% of my progress and results is down to my determination to complete homework and my desire shown towards the course outside the class. The work I do outside class will reflect in classwork. I also understand that 30% of my progress and results is determined through my participating in class in order to grasp key aspects of the lesson and gain the most amount of benefit from the course. The remaining 30% is determined by my teacher’s effort during the class and their assistance outside the class.