About Badr

Badr was founded in 2009 by Shaykh Mahmoud Shire. The purpose of the Academy is to extend and deepen the fund of Islamic Education and pass the benefits on to others, and to be able to provide the utmost standard of Islamic Education to students in a climate that fosters academic excellence, where each individual student is valued and departs the establishment with a character that is atoned with that of a Muslim.


Badr Academy was found in 2009 by Shaykh Mahmoud, who has studied different Islamic sciences and [the] Arabic language in Saudi Arabia and other countries around the world.

Student Body

We have both male and female students and all classes are segregated.


Our school is based in West London.

Umrah & Retreats

We run retreats on a yearly basis for our students which consist of intensive classes, exam-prep, one on one time with teachers, and athletic activities. We also host Umrah trips throughout the year.

Accredited Teachers

Our senior teachers have received ijaza in different fields and studied all over the world.  They have also been taught under the graduates of Islamic University of Madina & Islamic University of Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saudi in Riyadh to name a few.

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Why study at Badr?

Taking out time of your busy schedule is something we know you don’t take lightly. So here’s some reasons as to why studying at Badr will be a beneficial part of your week.

Weekend Classes

Our primary courses are taught on the weekends as the majority of our students are full-time working adults.

Low Fees

We keep our fees as low as possible to cover costs, in order to be able to accommodate to our students.

Evening Classes

We offer both morning and evening options for our classes to help you manage childcare, work, or family commitments.

Intensive Study

While most classes are only once a week, our courses are intensive and mean that you make quick progress with your Arabic.

Segregated Classrooms

Male and female classes are taught separately and on separate days.

Local Mosque

We have a neighbouring mosque to our school allowing all salah breaks to be done in the masjid.