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Privacy Terms & Conditions

I confirm my strong desire to learn the Arabic language and commit to attending classes with utmost effort and willpower. I understand that this journey may present challenges that require patience and commitment. Despite any decrease in motivation, I acknowledge the importance of persevering and remaining patient in order to achieve my goal.

Furthermore, I acknowledge that ((Badr Academy)) requires a minimum two-year commitment from me to fully complete and benefit from the course. I am aware that not attending lessons and neglecting homework will significantly hinder my progress throughout the term/s, leading to a decrease in motivation and lack of incentive to continue. In extreme cases, this may result in my dismissal from the course after all other means have been exhausted.

If I decide to withdraw from the course at any time during the academic year, I understand that I must inform the Academy in writing, specifying the reasons for my departure. Additionally, I acknowledge that I am committed to paying the full academic fee according to the payment agreement document. If I choose to leave the course one month after its start date, I may request a refund in writing. The Academy retains discretion in granting refunds based on the validity and compelling nature of my reasons.

I understand that 40% of my progress and results depend on my determination to complete homework and my dedication to the course outside of class. The work I undertake outside of class will directly reflect in my classwork. Additionally, 30% of my progress and results are influenced by active participation in class to grasp key concepts and derive maximum benefit from the course. The remaining 30% is attributed to the efforts and assistance provided by my teacher during and outside of class.

By accepting this commitment, I acknowledge and agree to these terms.

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