Welcome to Badr Academy

Badr Academy was launched in 2009, with the aim of teaching adults the Arabic language through islamic sciences and arabic text, in order to be able to read, write and speak Arabic fluently.

Studying at Badr

Find out about everything relating to our admissions at Badr Academy. Whatever stage you’re at in your journey, we want to help.


Student Life

Find out about the student experience and Badr and how we support our students in both their academic and non-academic life.



Check out the admissions process and the steps to getting yourself into one of our courses.



Not only do you get to learn the Arabic language, but you also get academic qualifications to diploma and degree level depending on the course.


Our staff are dedicated to ensuring that every student gets the most out of their education. Click below to see our teachers.

Contact & Socials

We’re connected to our students, staff and parents. We’re available on social media and check our emails constantly.


We would love for you to come down and check out Badr in person. Fill in the form above to book your viewing.


As part of our curriculam, we do yearly retreats with our students where we have sports activities, halaqas, intensive classes and qiyam prayers.


With alumni in different countries and professions, we'll soon be adding alumni stories for you to read.

Student Teaching Experience

Once students are in higher years, we encourage them to teach classes to gain experience in teaching Arabic if they so wish to continue it as a career.